app sharing

I don’t know much about anything so let me throw the question out there: is there any way to create a javascript bookmarklet that would open the code from the current github webpage in codify?

I know that you can create a bookmarklet in safari to open the current webpage in the atomic browser for the ipad so wondering if something similar is possible here.

Otherwise curious to hear the dev team’s thoughts on app sharing. Will you risk it? Has apple commented on the idea?

Generally, AFAIK, code sharing is prohibited by Apple’s rule. But somehow some scripting apps trick the rule so they are allowed to share code via some mechanism. I know Coders (another Lua scripting app similar to Codea) has this feature via email and “open in”. I suspect other similar apps (iLuaBox?) also has this code sharing feature.

I guess it’s more up to apple than a real tech problem after all. But anyway, I dug a bit into the bookmarklet idea anyway. Codea would have to provide a custom URL scheme in info.plist ( I tried to modify info.plist myself but that broke the app altogether (must break the signature or something?) so I put it back and pretended it never happened.

I think that all apps verify the info.plist files with another version probably secretly stored within the system. Don’t touch the Info.plist file or the CodifyDocs-Info.plist file. I learned that the hard way.
URL Scheming code would be a great thing for Codea to attempt to include along with sockets. Maybe send a version that just has sockets and URL scheming in it to apple so we’re not loosing any awesome features, just so we get an answer so if it’s allowed or not.