App-making apps (off topic)

I just installed codename one maker it is free and helps to make and compile xcode for you. The result design is very basic, but the app seems to work (i mean it is not crashing every 10s), although i have not checked the xcode compilation part.

Codea can export to Xcode.

Right! But it doesnt compile it for me (i have no mac, if you remember)

Yeah, you need a Mac… I just bought a $2,500 MacBook Pro for my birthday, just for making apps…

Ok… So you are 11 years old and you can buy a $2500 computer? That’s a good start in life! :wink:

Yep… I had a plan to learn Objective C and make apps a while before I found Codea. :slight_smile:

@SkyTheCoder - Where’d you get the money? I’ve made only about $2500 in my life.

@Zoyt I sold a bunch of my old toys and games I didn’t need any more, and with the money from my birthday I saved up $800, and my parents paid the rest. Plus, my father’s sister’s husband works for Apple so he ordered it for us, got us a discount, and was able to add a few extra things, including a free year of an Xcode subscription which lets me test any apps I make on my dad’s iPad. Kinda complicated…

@Jmv38 you might consider making a virtual Mac inside of a windows PC… I am currently working on getting one up and running for myself. Or you could build a desktop from a kit and turn it into a hackintosh for around $500 or so. I have not done that personally but I have read a good bit online about how to do that.

Building a Hackintosh doesn’t make a lot of sense when you can get a Mac Mini for not much more. Heck, you can probably find a used Core2 Duo Mini for less than that.

@tomxp411 - Not true. I managed to get almost all the parts of a PC other than a hard drive, which I found in an extra hard drive, and built a Hackintosh for practically free.

Well, if you can do it with used parts, sure… I was replying to the “you can build a Hackintosh for $500” comment.