Anyone have "The New iPad"?

Just curious if anyone has one. Tried the only one left at Best Buy yesterday. Pretty awesome. Along with it’s voice dictation. If anyone does have it, see what happens when you dictate when you have a keyboard pulled when running. It might crash. Who knows.

Yep, mine arrived on Friday :slight_smile: The screen is pretty incredible - my MacBook now looks very fuzzy in comparison, though! It’s also very fast in comparison to my old iPad 1 (and much thinner and lighter, too!)

The upcoming retina update for Codea looks fantastic. Everything is really crisp and sharp :slight_smile:

Just tried using dictation whilst the keyboard is up and a game is running. It seems as though it just did nothing!

Lucky… That’s also slightly disappointing. Oh well. Have fun @frosty

Frosty, the Siri dictation and input are separate steps. Talk, then touch the popped-up mic icon to input the text. You must say the punctuation: “Blah blah period.” “Blah blah semi-colon.”

Weird. I just tried this again and it worked fine! @gebloom I was doing as you say, but originally I didn’t seem to get any output. keyboard(key) appears to get its ‘key’ parameter set to the whole string you’ve dictated, rather than once for each letter.

Haha. Awsome.

@frosty that’s related to the way iOS text input works. I thought about changing it to take the string and pass it down one character at a time, but it felt like enforcing a PC/hardware metaphor in the API where there was none. Copy and paste works the same way.

My shiny new iPad3 arrived yesterday, and the Codea update arrived today, and I have time for neither :cry:

What is the issue about heating up ? Any of you have any problem with the new ipad ? I was planning to get a new one :slight_smile:

John Gruber on 3rd gen temp:

FWIW, I noticed it was hotter than my 1 and wife’s 2, but only after I read that it was.

Must be a feature designed to help keep tea or coffee warm for late night coding sessions

(I only drink pop aka soda aka soft drinks aka caffeine bubbly goodness)

I’ve seen no real problems with heat - it has gotten warm, but certainly not hot, and that was after playing a high-performance 3D game (Mass Effect Infiltrator) for some time. I don’t think there’s anything worth getting worked up about :slight_smile:

My dad was working on the car a few days ago and left his iPad on the dashboard. 10 minutes later, he turned it on and it game him a warning saying it was too hot to turn on. And is was REALLY hot. That’s slightly off topic.

I just got one! I’m loving it and the programs look amazing. :smiley:

Yeah - no noticable heat issues on my new ipad. To be fair - I don’t do a ton of 3d gaming, which is what I’m led to believe really drives the heat.

And I left the old original ipad in the car once, it was totally non-functional, way too hot to touch. Was sure I’d ruined it… after a while (the drive home) it had cooled down, worked fine.