anyone have a good knowledge of codea runtime?

Anyone have a good knowledge of xcode and the codea runtime library, and possibly has put apps on the ios app store using them? I have a few problems with the codea runtime library on github. I have been having issues where xcode will not allow me to delete the initial codeaproject folder to insert my project. Anyone know why?

@Zoyt @West @Reefwings

There shouldn’t be a reason to grab the old Github run time at this point, unless you’re deliberately developing in an older version of Codea. Just do the export and let it carry you along.

I wouldn’t suggest doing anything with the runtime until Codea 2.0 comes out (soon, very soon),

@Mark I’m missing out on something here what export?

@jrohanian, touch and hold your project’s icon in Codea, the options that show up include Export. More info at

i can’t believe i never updated…