Any Ideas?

Hi, I have been searching my brain for an idea for my next Codea project, but I have come up with nothing. Does anyone have an idea which I can use?

A top-down game where you play as a thief and have to stay in the shadows and avoid the guards’ line of sight to get to the loot.

O.o I like it! Do you think I should build in a joystick or make the thief follow my finger?


Touching the screen is so 2010. You should have to tilt the screen to make the character move.

One of my kids tried “BreakOut” and couldn’t get it to work because he was tilting the iPad to make the pad move rather than touching the screen. And I think that the real revolutionary design of iPad is the ability to pick it up and wave it around (err … sort of).

:smiley: =D> You guys are fantastic! :smiley:

Hi Jordan,

I’d thought about updating one of the old specy 3D games like the one on the following link:

Plenty of screen shots and I haven’t seen any of this format on the Pad.

Let us know what you choose to pursue.

Good luck,



@Bri_G Saw shadow of the beast in the list. That brings back memories…

I’m currently trying to merge Mechwarrior/Battletech into a Rogue-like game.
I’m however overwhelmed by my own lack of programming experience so feel free to jump in.
I’m amazed how far i’ve already got, but that’s due to the amazingness (is that a word?) of Codea.

How far are you and what is left? Is it all in your head or do you have a documented path/plan?

I use this project as a learning excersize, so code is far from optimized.
I have a simple hexagonal map structure, one mech unit, and some gesture/touch processing.
Display of map and unit is in 3D.

Next I plan to make the UI (Buttons, info screens ect). After that it’s the turn system I guess.
I haven’t planned it much, I try to figure out which next 2 or 3 steps are.
On a larger scale: my plan is to first implement the standard battletech rules and get that working.
From there I’ll convert it to an rpg by adding a campaign system and stats/abilities for the player.

Biggest problem is the artwork, I suck at that…

Just use stick men and hire an artist when the rest is done.
It would help to write your rules system out and is it “real time” or turn based?

Oh god, I hate tilt-to-move controls! One-dimensional tilting is alright, but two-dimensional… shudders
Make an option in the settings to choose between tilt and touch (following the finger) controls.