an epiphany. How to program codea apps on macbooks

I know this is silly, but I just realized that if I want to program with Codea on my macbook, all I have to do is edit the lua files in xcode and run it in the simulator or on the device. Of course air code works perfectly well too. It never ceases to amaze me just how versatile Codea is.

@MrScience101 yes this is the case, although I found it to be a bit slower and less productive without the reference and ease of use Codea brings with it, especially the syntax highlighting. I had an idea of literally just using a VNC to look at the give input to the iPad screen via my mac but it’s usually slow. I prefer to have a full 60Hz instead of 20Hz provided by VNC or Simulator.

it is amazing that I never even thought of this.

Most of my app was coded that way. I found that Sublime Text is the best editor for Lua code.

I use this method as well, especially for configuring things prior to building an App, especially if your simply changing data (i.e. level info) or config settings. Much easier than re-exporting from Codea time and time again to make simple changes once the bulk of your code has been written. :smiley: