Allow drawing of proper paths?

I am wondering if proper paths are in the Codea roadmap? I’d love to see them.

I’ve been able to simulate a path with a table of vectors drawn in a loop, but this has a number of drawbacks. For one thing, if the stroke color is somewhat transparent then the joints between each line become apparent. Also, the resulting shapes can’t be filled.

Yes, there have been requests for actual polygons for a while.

If you download my game Kraizy Circles from my web repo you will see an example of paths implemented with a mesh + a circle texture.

I have quite a few examples of drawing paths with meshes. Possibly the simplest is the Bézier shader, which is at (I use toadkick’s cmodule code for my libraries, to use as standalone you need to remove the --[==[ and --]==] from the beginning and the end, and remove the cmodule.gexport stuff at the end).

It doesn’t do fills, though.

Wow, some great ideas here. Meshes look like the next thing I should be exploring. Thanks!