AirCode doesn't let me in

Hey guys,

I’ve always used AirCode with no issues, but since I switched my DSL provider, AirCode complaints with an error, stating that my PC and iPad are not on the same Wifi network. - But They are! I have internet access and everything working on both devices. The DSL provider is KabelDeutschand, maybe some germans can help out here… I think I have to forward a port or something but no Idea how to do in this interface…

i presume lan ip conflict, try rebooting the router, but i dont know DSL provider

I did try port forwarding. After that I was able to connect, but I lost connection multiple times during my coding session. Ugly thing is: I can only forward ports tied to a certain ip address, but I’m using dynamic not static addresses - so those can change and I would have reconfigure network settings…

I even don’t know if I’m doing things right… just experimenting and wildly clicking around

My AirCode uses my router’s internal default IP address, which never changes, not my internet IP address.

@se24vad You can use a static IP address on an iPad, and it’s pretty easy to set up.

The “router” field should stay the same as when the connection was set to DHCP, the subnet mask should stay as, your DNS can be the same as “router,” which will automatically get some DNS servers for you, or you can choose something else, like one of Google’s servers, or Your IP address’ first three series of numbers should be the same as “router,” i.e. if your “router” was, your IP address could be something like or

@SkyTheCoder thank you for the guide! I’ll try.