Aircode deletes entire tabs from my project

Hey all,

So I did a search and didn’t find any posts about this but it’s happened to me three times on different occasions and it’s massively frustrating so I wanted to post about it so it’s known.

I’ve been using the AirCode feature (awesome feature) to clean up one of my larger projects and occasionally my project will suddenly crash Codea on the iPad and force me to reopen it. I usually then restart the app’s AirCode and just Command+R in the still-open AirCode browser window (discovered as a handy shortcut) so that it both picks the project and saves the latest code I was just working on. Basically I can pick up right where I left off. Well, after the crash I’ll do this and then the project will have an error saying that certain classes are not defined… upon further investigation many tabs have been deleted from the project. It seems pretty random - one time I lost all but two tabs (from originally like 30 tabs) and other times I lost like 3 or 4.

Any thoughts? Anyone else see this?


  • Mike

Bug on aircode, you should put it on the issue tracker

@Neztec that sounds pretty bad — I’d like to fix this. Do you have more details on how to reproduce the issue? Do you notice anything when it crashes?

One other user reported this to me but found that, while the tabs were missing, the files themselves were still accessible on the iPad using iExplorer. Could you try this and let us know if you can recover your files?

@neztec I have the same problem but in my case aircode delete the class was I working , I I use Crome

Had the same issue, now I went back to coding on the iPad like a monkey

Jajajaj @MoNus . certainly use iexplorer and the class did not appear in the project had to be completely erased

The first time it happened I checked on iExplorer and the files were totally gone… I’ll check again the next time.

Another clue, after I wrote this post I got into a cycle of it happening very often (deleting about 60% of my files) but it seemed to always wipe out the same ones everytime, over and over. It didn’t delete the two files I was actually working with though.

I tried not doing that trick of Command+R in the still-open editor when AirCode was just started up again after a crash and I seemed to avoid the issue… wondering if that shortcut was the issue.

I’ll keep posting any discoveries…