air code problem

hello, on several occasions in the past that when I’m programming with classes and suddenly performed a update of the code, ipad tends to close the application and I completely erases the class that was working, I spent alone with air code.
I had already spent several times but can not stand more … if anyone knows the reason please let me know thanks

Hi Luismi, I have experienced the same situation. I understand it can be very frustrating. Classes are still on your iPad. You can look through your iPad filesystem using iExplorer ( If you open and look inside the Documents folder, you should find your project files there. Good luck!

thanks @MoNus

On my iPad, it totally disappeared, I can’t find it either with iFunbox or iExplorer…
I don’t want to start over again, please help somehow :frowning:

I’m also experiencing problems with Aircode not updating the code on the iPad.
I’ll make edits, run the code and then swap to a tab, when I go back to my first tab I’ve seen the previous version of the code restored - this doesn’t happen 100% of the time but enough to make it very frustrating - especially with larger files.
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: