Air Code corrupting data

Hey I love codea especially the air code feature… now normally she treats me alright… but this time she was just mean. I was working on Version 3.2.3 of my project in aircode when i refreshed and found only 3 out of 10 tabs left of my project… X.x!!!
luckley the code was not changed much from the previous version but… tabs vanishing from an Entire PROJECT… not good

I’ve notice in the past when it first came out certain chunks of code would be scrambled chars from item to time in the early releases… dont know if theres some writing issue of bug but… :slight_smile: yeah please check that out
I love air code too much to stop using it… btw Im running the latest version of codea on iOS7.0.2 if that helps

Air Code is a W.I.P. feature. Hopefully it’ll be more stable in the next update, but currently it’s quite buggy, and there have been many reports of corrupted code. I wouldn’t recommend using it. If you do, though, it seems to change accented characters, and will not save code if you close the browser tab, change the project tab, or leave Codea while there is invalid code in the editor. This is a bug from live updating.

@ruttyj I have the Same problem and I used Iexplorer to find the missing tab or class.
I hope to help you

Codea on ios7 is not good , have to wait for the next update of codea, which will soon.


Stopped using AirCode a while ago when I lost 30 tabs in a 32 tab project !!!
Last backup was to far back to make any use of it ( I know my fault), so began from scratch.
Hope Aircode will mature, since it is a very helpfull feature, but be extremely carefull if you uses it at the moment.

@macflyerdk what ipad u have ??

@macflyerdk did you have a look in iExplorer to see if the files were still there? I’ve had a few people report that the files were fine, only the tabs were missing.

No 4 Retina.
Passing it down in the “chain” when I am able to get my fingers on the new iPad 5 :slight_smile:

It was a while ago so think it has been deleted but I will check.
I will try air code again this time with proper backup and hopefully the error don’t shows again. If it does I will try your suggestion and look for the files.

Now we are at I @Simeon.
Can there be a way to change font and color in Aircode ?
The black theme does not agree well with my eyes for a longer edit session.

I haven’t had any more bugs as of late…

@Ruttyj, please look at the date of the discussion

@CodeaNoob, this is a discussion he started, and his comment actually is helpful, telling us that it is working correctly now.

Oddly, the AirCode server wouldn’t start for me. Finally, I looked at the video in the announcement. Apparently, I wasn’t hitting the button correctly because now the server starts up! :))

Ooops, srry bout that

Apparently this bug is still actual.

I just lost around 25 tabs.

Backed up 3 hours ago, so that work is lost.

Now desperatly hoping my ccBackup will work or otherwise i’ve lost weeks of work.