Advice needed: workflow setup that allows editing on a Mac Air and syncing with the iPad

For initial coding (where large chunks of text are being input) I prefer working on my mac - then editing/tweaking on the iPad. I’m looking for workflow suggestions – I’ve tried the copy/paste methods, but that’s not smooth. I’d like to edit the text files on the iPad from the mac – but haven’t found a good way of doing that. Any suggestions?

On my ubuntu machine I can plug the iPad in and access the files directly – as long as codea isn’t running the same project. I’d love to be able to a) edit the iPad files from the desktop, then b) run the project on the iPad. UNfortunately the iPad version (pre 1.5 - I haven’t tried lately) kept overwriting the changes…
(And I’m stopping with Ubuntu – too many problems with V12 - so I’d like a OSx way of doing it)

@akiva - The first option is to use the runtime engine and make the code right in there, then you can quickly test it in the iOS simulator or on your iPad, but you need an apple ID. Another option is to use this backup library:
Once you back up, you can edit it on your DropBox, then restore it on your iPad and run it. This, however, is not too smooth either… I’ll look into different options.
Also, about accessing your iPads file on your Ubuntu, you need to quit the Codea app completely (tap and hold on it in the multitasking bar and press the red button). You can also use iExplorer or iFunBox on your Mac to see your iPad’s files.
Good luck!

@Zoyt - thanks for the reply. I thought about doing most of the coding using the runtime - and plan on setting that up this week.
The dropbox method isn’t smooth enough - i dont gain anything.

In an ideal world i could plug my ipad into the mac, edit the code on the mac, and have those edits sync both in the runtime and on the ipad (while codea was running). There was talk of having codea check for external file modification and reloading code when a file was updated, but i never got that to work - was it ever implemented?

The need to quit codea completely is why i quit coding from Ubuntu. (after losing changes too many times i decided there had to be a better way). If OSx could mount the ipad documents the way ubuntu can it would be much easier.

I’ve used iFunbox for some time now (love the program - easiest way to copy code over)

Thanks again.

I remember someone had a program which downloaded the code off a computer and ran it in real time…

Anyone familiar with phone disk or iexplorer?

@akiva - PhoneDisk is dead, and I LOVE iExplorer. It’s my favorite.

I wrote about a solution for this earlier.

The client code on codea is a bit ugly, but it works fine for me, using http.request and updating the code. Haven’t tried it for the latest versions of Codea though, but it should work fine. Could probably make it much nicer with saving code into tabs and such as well, but that functionality wasn’t available when I wrote it. It is also convenient if you want to code for the runtime on an iPhone.