Adding sound effects and music


I’ve been looking for code examples of using sound in Codea games. Is this something that can be done ahead of the version 2 release?

The Major

Basic electronic sounds can be incorporated using sound() which opens a selector in Codea.

Really looking forward to the upcoming update regarding audio - must be getting very close to being released now? sorry if this is the wrong thread to be asking but does anyone know more about when it is expected?

Thanks @West ! I didn’t realise there was an 8-bit sound library already! Brilliant post my friend. I’m well away.

Now do I try to use the sfx library to program music too I wonder? That should be fun and very old school too!

@Majormorgan - I would suggest you wait for Codea 2, for real music.

Others have played with the existing sound effects, though…

@jasl here is the thread regarding updates;

It is difficult (for the beta testers, anyway) to predict when it will be released. It seems fairly close, but the last few bugs can always be tricky! It will be worth the wait, I’m sure.

@JockM made a working program that can run .wav files in Codea using the soundbuffer() function.

From waaaay back in the aeons of Codea history - @Fred wrote an ABC music notation player for Codea which is very nice:

Its a bit 8-bit ‘chiptune’ in nature - but really charming. Lots of ABC Notation libraries on the interweb as well :smiley:

ps. Also, if you want to convert Midi files to ABC format, you can use the following freeware, which gives access to even more music resources…

wow! what a link! thanks.