Action RPG Maker : Beta-tester needed

Hi All,

I pivoted one of my project to create an Action RPG Maker for the iOS platform. Users with no programming background would be able to design, make and publish Action RPG Games. The project is now moving into the beta-stage and I am looking for 3-5 more beta testers who can give good comments on its functionality and design. Preferably someone who is keen to do his own RPG game for iOS.

I also just came across an earlier post by @Slashin8r. This is different in that it is Action RPG (think Secret of Mana) and the UI is standalone (i.e. this will be availale on appstore).

PM me if you are interested, or ask questions on this post! :slight_smile:

Two of the development video:

Wow, that is pretty neat.

I would like to be considered for the beta testing.

PM me with your UDID if you wish to be a beta-tester.

@SkyTheCoder, yahs, I am putting that on the back-burner because there wasn’t good traction with the early prototype. Plus the capital commitment was significant. Just didn’t feel if that would be worthwhile. The RPG maker community seems like a more interesting group.

I should have the first useable prototype by end of this week (i.e. mapeditor, item/monster editor and compiler)

This looks amazing, can I help beta test, too?

(By the way, what happened to a sci-fi version of Heroes Quest?)

V0.5 Development video. Most of the key components are up :slight_smile:

It’s hard to type with one-hand and video with the other. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have messaged me your UDID and email, I should be sending you the beta-version to test soon.

Still looking for Beta-testers. Pls PM me your UDID.

I’m currently working on an open world RPG, is it too late to apply?

More features in v0.8. Mostly backend mechanics.

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Wow, could I be a beta tester

@zapaper how many sprites in one map?

I’d like to beta test, looks cool so far

Hi, for those who wish to beta-test, pls send me your ipad UDID. Thanks!

@Luatee, I estimate about 200-300 per frame. So it’s down to 20-30fps.

@zapaper I guess that you have tried obvious things to keep the frame rate high like only drawing sprites that are actually on the screen?

Yup, there’re some other code-optimization I can still do but I think it would be marginal.

But 20-30 fps is alright for my purpose.

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I’ll beta test


Hey, I’d like to a beta tester. Am I late

UDID: [Edit - removed for security reasons]