A suggestion for color(), stroke(), and fill()

I love the color pop-up. It’s saved me ages of time, and unlike the number spinnies, I don’t even want the option to turn off that happy yellow pop-up zone. However, there is a time when I don’t want the pop-up to appear.

When I’m using variables or a formula to set color values, the pop up means that any editing becomes clumsy. Fortunately, I think there’s an easy solution. Why not scan the text between the opening and closing parens. If there is any character except a number, a comma, or a space, nix the popup.


@Mark do the keyboard gestures help at all in this area? I generally use them to navigate within the popups (and not the touch-and-hold standard caret positioning)

I agree with @Mark, but @Simeon is right, too. Keyboard gestures are helpfull to go within the content without having the pop-up appear.

I also use the new cursor positioning buttons to get in to the pop up zone. With sound() the contents vary from an encoded string to a table of key pairs, so scan between the parens would be harder.

I would like to see overloaded versions of stroke() and fill() that would accept parameters in HSV coding instead of just RGB.