A plea for iOS 6 support in the runtime

I don’t know why I didn’t assume this was the case, but I found a very nasty surprise as I was submitting StackIt v1.1 today: the runtime does not support iOS 6. While I know this would be a lot of work, would you please support iOS 6 in the runtime again?
Thank you!

@Zoyt, I don’t think it’s really necessary. iOS has such a quick adoption rate, > 80% of all iDevices are already rocking iOS 7.

Sorry for asking, but what is the runtime?
I want to know this because my iPad runs with iOS 6.

The runtime is what allows you to export your app to Xcode. It’s the backend of Codea, the part that makes the lua code run on iPad

(I think, someone correct me if I’m wrong)

What do you mean, when you export from Codea 2 running IOS7,

You can target IOS6.1 in XCode and it will run under IOS6.1 simulator …

Thanks :slight_smile:

Does that mean that I can’t export my project to XCode if I use iOS 6 and Codea 1.5 (I’m not Säure wich Version it is)? :frowning:

@Leon, Codea 1.5 has the Codea 1.5 Runtime, so when you export it packages it with that, which supports iOS 5 and up

Thanks :slight_smile:

@JakAttak when you export it doesn’t export the runtime, but it downloads it on first run

Does it download 1.5 when it knows it was exported from an older version?

@escape75, oh interesting. I’m not sure, best to ask @Simeon. If not, you can put the old runtime yourself.

@Zoyt, I don’t understand. How can you submit ios 6 apps to the App Store? Mine got rejected saying it had to be optimized for ios 7 and had to be compiled with Xcode 5. Apple doesn’t let any ios 6 apps be submitted anymore as of February 1st.

@MrScience101, apps must support iOS 7 but they can be backward compatible to iOS 6 / 5