A little story just cuz :P

I been working on a game called SuperCraft ( if you renumber that name then that means you know me i made a new account ) i been working on it in codea for a mouth and im still new to it i got a link to a website that helps me learn codea. I been reading it and i still had a hard time understanding it. I manage to add a torch to SuperCraft and i was so happy. I was ready to start making the torch light up but then i thought. I just added a torch i still need to add a game controller, a inventory, a code for mining blocks, a code for adding blocks, i got so worried. I looked on youtube for codea tuts but i didn’t find any good ones. I was gonna ask for help making the game on codea talk but i renumbered the last time i asked no one wanted to help. So i didn’t know what to do. So i was gonna mash around with codea and find out how things worked. And it worked i found out things i never knew i could do with codea. Then i felt like i needed a shortcut for making SuperCraft. So i switched to Unity 3D things were much more easy i added a torch in 2 minutes. But then i been thinking and its too easy i still wanted to be challenged with coding. It maybe hard but its fun to play with my game once i add a new thing. I love codea i really do. I just need help with my game. And a “Youtube” tutorial. The reason i wanted to tell this story is Becuz codea is the best app for mobile coding. Its better then Xcode. And if your thinking of giving up on codea. Dont

@AveryD first of all, is “remember”, not “renumber”.

If you have some help, you can ask on the forum, but, you need to show us what you’re doing (eg. a piece of your code)

If you do this, I think, @Ignatz, @Dave1707 and others can help you in what you need

@erickyamato :smiley:

@AveryD At the top of this discussion is a link ‘Wiki’ that will take you to several tutorials. I don’t know exactly what you’re after, but that link above is a start.

The main thing that is discouraging you is that you are starting on a project that is very hard, and has hundreds of hurdles to jump over (things to figure out) before it’s completed. You should start much easier.

Codea is awesome though, you are right about that. I have made 7 games in Codea that are now on the app store, with 2 more in the making. I would have lost interest in coding if I had to sit at a computer to do it.

@Crumble I started on another project. And it’s really easy. I plan on releasing the code. Wen I get the hang of codea I will work on SuperCraft agein

a good game with a good story