A deck of standard playing cards.

As a newbie I’ve looked around to find sprites/images for a standard deck of playing cards. No success not even a sprite for a single ‘heart’ , ‘club’, ‘diamond’ or ‘spade’ . There are so many uses for playing cards I can not understand why this should be.
Is there something that I am missing ?

Not only is this doable within Codea, the amazing Ignatz already did a tutorial on it … https://coolcodea.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/39-working-with-playing-cards/

Edit: Ninja’d by epicurus. Check out opengameart for sprites as that’s all free.

A simple google search for “Playing Card Sprite Sheet” will do the trick; here is a
Good one http://jgauthie.imgd.ca/IMG-250/memory_game/images/deck.png

you can use these unicode characters and sprite them with size and position you want ???

Thanks chaps. Epicurus has given me the link I wanted. It looks as though Ignatz is going to take playing cards a bit further. As a newbie there is a lot to go at with what he has done so far.
It points to another issue with regard to source of knowledge.
As a newbie I tend to stick within the Codea App in my search for info. I must say that CoolCodea seems to be an excellent site and I must remember to search it with regard to any question I have.
Thanks again. - Steep.

If you deny yourself coolcodea, you really would be missing out. If I’ve done anything to change your mind it’s a good day’s work! Codea’s impossible to learn for coding newbies just from the reference.

Codea is Codea AND this forum! That is what makes it so special.

You can actually use Emojis and text() to draw icons for cards. Here’s the ones you would need: ??(spade) ?? (heart) ?? (club) and ?? (diamond), they’re found under “symbols”

The ??? symbols are also on the Codea keyboard. Just touch the smiley face on the lower left of the keyboard. Then press the !?# key at the bottom right. Scroll to the right and you’ll see the symbols.

I used emojis for the suit symbols and also the king, queen and jack, which avoided the need to import images. My post above explains how to do this.

I have a playing deck class if you’d like it

Dave and SkyTheCoder - Interested to find that the card suits (???) are on the Codea keyboard. Wonder why and how they are used ?
Although they were useful in this post.
It would seem that Codea smiley’s are automatically switched to Codea Talk keyboard.
Invad - What can you do with your ‘playing card class’ ?

@Steep To use them, just do



Finding suit icons is only one of several challenges in creating a deck of realistic playing cards.

Laying out the numbers and icons on the cards in the right patterns, and mirroring them top and bottom, and finding suitable pictures for royalty, took me quite some time.

Ignatz - That is appreciated. Hoping that Invad’s ‘playing card class’ has done all the work and presents each card in a way that makes it easier to manipulate. I suspect that the next part of your CoolCodea ‘working-with-playing-cards’ may well do that.
Dave - ??? seem to be accessible from the basic iPad keyboard.

I’ve got myself a single playing card (Jack of spades) cut from a set of 3 images that cover the whole deck. All 52 cards could be cut from these three free images but it would be a bit of a fiddle for a newbie. In any event having done the work could the individual sprites be distributed to the Codea community ? and it begs the further question why hasn’t it been done before ?
Playing card sprites is something that is sadly missing from Codea.

@Steep An easier way is to go to a web site that shows decks of cards. Some allow you to view each individual card. While viewing each card, you can save the image to the photo apps file. From Codea, you can go to the Dropbox or Documents folder and do an “add from photos” for each card image. Once the image is in one of those folders, you can use them in Codea with the sprite command.

Ok Dave, I’m with you on that. The images I have were taken from the web, but they were a collection of cards, 3 images to cover the full deck and I used a programme of yours to cut one or two individual picture cards. I haven’t seen a site where you could download a full set of individual cards.
The question remains where is such a set of cards available to Codea users ? one sprite/card (52 in all) that users can use to create relatively simple card games that can be distributed to Codea users.

@Steep Try this site. Scroll down to the Ace of clubs. Tap on it then tap on the “see all 157 photos”. As you look at each card, long press on it, you’ll get an option to save the image. It will go into the photo app file. From the Codea Dropbox or Documents folder, you can add each image to the folder. It can then be used with the sprite command.