60beat gamepad

So - this has been suggested, more detail:


I’m thinking of getting one anyway - support would be awesome. Even more awesome would be @Nat adding this to his virtual controllers library once there are Codea hooks, so that the rest of us could write stuff that just worked - with the controller if plugged in, or with the virtual controllers if not.

And if he says “no, I have a deep seated hatred for physical controllers” - I’ll add it :slight_smile:

My one “meh” thing is that they aren’t making dev info available easily - you have to write to them for it.


I saw some stuff about it’s release. Add support for BlueTooth keyboards, iCade, and 60beats game pad. Absolutely agree. Oh… And sockets. :))

You can’t get the game pad’s input thru Bluetooth, can you? This would be nice.

I’d be happy to support for the controllers library to support physical controllers. I’ve not thought about how to integrate keyboard events, but it shouldn’t be too hard. The only thing is, I’ve not got an iCade or other controller to test with.