3D StackIt Prototype

Today, I wanted to learn in depth how to use the 3D aspect of Codea, so I embarked on making a simple 3D prototype of my game StackIt. Please note, there’s tons of bugs, but I needed to keep working on the actual StackIt, so I stopped the development there. Here it is:
Quick tip: Use the shadows to know where your object will land.
Thanks! Let me know what you think.
P.S. This is a great piece of code for beginning 3D coders

excellent, just left me impressed, I think is a pretty smart example of how to use and implement 3d moving images, good job @zoyt

That’s awesome! Though, I think game play is to slow. Other than that, awesome job!

@Luismi, @Prynok - Thanks.

I like it more than the 2D version :slight_smile:

@juaxix - Haha. Thanks. I’m getting great feedback from people, so I might follow through with it in Unity. Thanks!

@Zoyt If only there was lua in unity :slight_smile: