3D rigging?

So we have lots of 3D code out there, tweeting, game logic…for some reason, I just can’t get it into my head how to do any basic 3D rigging!

I’m not even poking around looking for a human, maybe a dog :).

Anyone have a good tutorial or even sample code of how to do even the most simple rigging? I’ll figure out how to do scaling, maximum positioning, etc. later.

Depends what you mean by rigging? In its simplest form its usually ‘some set of higher level controls for moving and controlling multiple pieces of geometry/meshes easily with predictable behaviour’ ie like the strings of a puppet :wink:

Generally in 3d packages, these are somewhat easier to set up using a rich set of interactive tools ie… Inverse kinematics deformers, skinning etc… Linked onto custom attributes that can then be easily keyframed.

I guess, trying to implement these sorts of things directly via code is always going to be a bit of a pain. But I guess it depends what your trying to achieve?

For example, Unity gets round this problem by allowing you to import ‘rigs’ (via .fbx from packages such as Maya) linked to your geometry which can then be controlled directly (and interactively) in Unity… I suspect from discussing this in previous threads that Codea is some way off supporting something like this.

Knowing that Codea’s core competency isn’t 3d rigs or fbx files, I want to roll my own. Looking for sample code.