3D mesh

Is it possible to attach a different texture to each face of a mesh. For example


Of should I draw all of the textures onto one image using


And then use

MeshName.texcoords = tableofvertexpositionsforeachtexture

@Coder - you can only have one texture per mesh, so your second option is correct

@Ignatz You can add more images to a mesh, I think up to 8.

@Andrew_Stacey, how would you add more images without the setContext()?

Use a shader and add more uniforms.

@Andrew_Stacey - in theory, yes, but in practice, it is probably much more efficient, and simpler, to use a single image.

@Ignatz Absolutely. But your post said “you can only have one texture per mesh” and I wanted to correct that. I have a shader with two textures in my Game of Life code and in my fractal project. But for a cube, I’d use a single texture as you say.