3D Lines?

Is it possible to allow 6 coordinates to be read instead of the usual 4 when it comes to making lines?
In other words is it possible to have a 3rd (and 6) z coordinate be read into the parameters of a line and not have Camera Height be read the same as the Field of View?

By default z could be set to 0 whenever its not specified.
So by default it would still be used in 2d unless otherwise specified.

Suggestion: Use a 3d mesh - a line is a really long and thin rectangle.

@MyC0dea That’s a good suggestion. I’ll think about adding a 6-argument version of line. It may look a little odd since the shaders are designed for 2D — line is just a rect with a special shader (in smooth() mode). noSmooth() lines will look 2D regardless of their 3D position, that is, the line will not taper in the distance and stay at a fixed width due to the way line rendering works in OpenGL.