3D FPS Game

@Sillibird sounds exciting. I can’t wait to see it.

Sounds really cool. Any chance of a screenshot?

Ok, Going to start posting pictures

This is the start menu(It is the same one from the very beginning; so it’s horrible, just don’t think our game is horrible because of this)

Another picture

This was a original concept art(Again, this is old and down by me. The artwork is much better now because of new artist’s) http://i1072.photobucket.com/albums/w376/Batista434/fe2144cc.jpg

interesting artwork, here is mine for my upcoming codea MMORPG:

@Xavier I’d love to play that game :wink:

Super update: Added 2 new maps, Tower and Blizzard
New airdrop, Chopper, It flys by and attempts to kill people.
We also added a respawn time of 20 seconds, And while you are waiting you can fly around the map as a camera and watch what’s going on in realtime. Also, Above people there is either green(for your team) or red(enemy) We also fixed bugs and added smoke effect.

We started another project(But it’s not going to get much work because where working on the fps game) It’s is a 3D building game(like minecraft). So far we have player movement, blocks randomly occurring, deleting and putting blocks.

Also we need a name for the fps game! Any suggestions appreciated

HUGE UPDATE: We have started adding a campaign mode and a zombies mode. We have 1 level/Map for the campaign and we have cutscenes partially working. We have 2 maps for zombies, one is small and the other is medium sized.
We also found a way to make the animations smother, so the FPS should be higher, we also added oil barrels that explode when fired at. We have also improved the fire animation and added fire spreading. Before, I said we would post a video when 1.4 comes out. We need to fix a few things and there should be a video uploaded by 12:00 Eastern Time.

I’m just reading some old threads. Man, that concept art is legendary. Btw, when is the video going to be posted @Sillibird? At least give us some more concept art.

@Sillibird, did this ever get finished?

Do you guys know where the code is for this game? If you guys do know may you please post the code on this discussion

There never was a game… Ha he was lying

Haha, so true…