3D FPS Game

A long time ago, I really wanted to make a 3D shooter game in codea. That was when I was starting learning codea and I didn’t know much so it turned out to be a horrible 2d shooter with loads of bugs. Recently(Well not that recent) I picked up the idea again. At that point I gained more knowledge with 3D etc. So, after countless hours of work, I have finished with my first stable beta build of the game.
The game features:
A menu
Working options screen
1 playable map,
Full character movement(Walking, Jumping etc.),
Randomly occurring opponents,
Health and damage,
7 different weapons

I will post a video tomorrow because I have worked a lot today to get to a stable build.
The code is a bit to big to post(57,389 lines of code)

I plan to add:
A campaign mode,
A multiplayer mode,
Zombies mode

The FPS is
IPad 1-15,
iPad 2-21,
iPad 3-11

More soon!

(Feedback greatly appreciated!)

Hmm… I was testing the game for what I hoped was the last time for today, but there seems to be a bug. I have fences around the map which block you from getting out, but if you touch the wall and shoot the gun, you start flying upward. I guess I’m not going to have any relaxation time tonight.

Holy cow. That’s a very serious amount of work. Hat’s off and I can’t wait to see it.

I just learned that it’s good that I keep back ups of the code…
I accidentally delete the whole main file

I’m also thinking about doing a splitscreen mode

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Update: I’m redoing the art completely, my friend is going to draw it by hand, take a picture of it and when 1.4 comes upload it via Dropbox. This might delay the video a bit but I’m working on it!
And we also noticed that if your battery is lower than 50%(only tested on iPad 2) you get very low fps. There is a long wait time between clicking play and the game starting so where working on a loading screen. Also, is there going to be(in 1.4) the option to import music/sounds via Dropbox? It would best to know so we can plan.

This project sounds great. Good luck.

“The FPS is IPad 1-15, iPad 2-21, iPad 3-11”.

This makes me a bit sad that I bought the latest and greatest only to find it is slower with its expanded memory.

This sounds awesome, can’t wait to see the video.

Regarding the sound files, there’s been no mention of it for 1.4 but I know Simeon suggested a workaround here: http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/Talk/discussion/917/playing-sound-files-from-xcode I haven’t looked into it yet because it’s a bit beyond me at the moment.

If your thinking about spit screen, this might be helpful, but not sure of the performance implications for what is obviously already a very demanding game! http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/Talk/discussion/973/how-do-you-do-splitscreenss#Item_5

What format did you use for models?

I’m only assuming that my approach of using 2D translate, rotate and scale will still work even if your main game is rendered in 3D. Can anyone else confirm this? (If not I’ll try adding some 3D to the demo app and see what happens!)

I did a quick test last night and the split screen approach I used doesn’t work OOTB when rendering 3D stuff. Might be that you’d need to use 3D transformations (on the model or the camera(s)) instead of 2D ones if you took that approach.

Are you sure about those FPS numbers? The 3rd gen ipad running the same code slower than a 1st gen?, I know you’ve got 4x the screen to fill but even still the GPU in the 3rd gen is supposed to be a LOT faster at pure fill rate?

Woah! Thanks for all the feedback
@KMEB, We are working on this project with multiple people so I can’t really answer your question about the format right now but when the person that’s working on the models and such stops by, I will ask.
@TechDojo, We will check the numbers again later.

Our art designer has finished the main character and is currently working on buildings. We have a loading screen set up but it needs work. I also found a post about a achievement system and we might incroporate that.

Update vid? [-O<

@Connorbot999 Working on it!

Ok, might not get the video today, we’re trying to push a new stable beta build to fix the bugs.

Tried my hand at this myself in a doctors waiting room…


@KMEB Nice job considering your time limit… We’ve been working on this for months!

Huge Update: We will be posting a video when 1.4 so we can demo the multiplayer. We removed some unnecessary rendering code and now the fps is IPad 1-18 IPad 2- 23 IPad 3- 24. We have also added perks that have a 1/10 chance of dropping when killing a enemy, the current perks are speed boost, and airdrop(care package). We have also added planes but the only one so far is the airdrop. It can either drop Ammo, SpeedBoost or another airdrop. For now the perks and airdrop don’t have very good textures but where working on it. We have also changed how enemies spawned. They originally spawned in either 2 places, now they can spawn in either 10 places. We have also added a shotgun like KMEB’s video, and when you reload the gray top part shifts backwards then forwards simulating reloading. We also have finally got a loading screen with a random message/tip being displayed on the bottom.

Like always, Feedback/Suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Eventually, We will make this a free iOS game

We also added a scope to our sniper class