2 projects one screen

Hello guys, i have an idea, how improve project view . First of all il tell you my experience . Im some kind of novice and then forum users help me with some problems , i need to switch projects , to compare pieces of code. To make it easier there is my vision how you can do it (forgive me if similar topics/services/projects was in forum) :

Also this is good , if you work with two similar linked projects/libraries


I love the idea, it would make comparing code between different projects much easier. Also, maybe pinch zoom gestures could be added to the two windows to improve code reading experience for iPad mini 2 users like myself. :slight_smile:

You can already do that using AirCode - just have two browser windows open, just be careful to only send one lot of edits at a time and make sure the code doesn’t have any errors or else AirCode won’t save the contents of the tab if you swap to another one.

Something else that I do, is to import the other code into a tab in my current project. Then I either comment it out, so it doesn’t mess up my current project, or I just put that tab on the left of my current code - because when Codea compiles, if it finds two copies of setup, draw, etc, it keeps the last one it finds, which is the one on the right. So I don’t need to comment out the imported code, as long as I keep it on the left of my current code.

So you can put two sets of code in the same project, while you are working on it, and I do this often.

@TechDojo i like codea so much, because i can programm/run projects everywhere , dont mind, have i internet or not

@Ignatz huh, good solution. All genius is simple

I borrowed the idea from someone else. :">

On my iPad I just slide the screens to the side to look at multiple listings of code. I can have code in the Codea editor that I’m working on, code in the forum that I want to look at and I can copy other code to the notepad if I need more code to view. I have all of them running at the same time and then I just slide the screens to the right or left to view whichever app I want to look at. I can copy and paste code from any of them to the Codea editor if needed.

+1 for split screen

It is true that you could use a ‘workaround’ like Ignatz’s, but true project split screen would be nice (even if you could only edit one of them)

I would rather the development time went into other things

Is it a matter of being able to edit dependent projects more quickly? Or is it more that you actually want to see two tabs within the editor at the same time?

I think they’re saying they want to see other code while editing, ie the standard edit window, plus an optional viewing window where they can display other code and maybe copy from it.

@Ignatz has described it well. That said, I do also agree with him that dev time could be used on other things

Would editing dependent projects more quickly be useful? (That’s something that annoys me sometimes)

not for me, but I don’t use references much

I vote for both multiple windows and multiple project editing at the same time.

That is part of my CODEA Enlightenment because I want to use code from one project in another but not necessarily copy and paste.

I am also doing drop down menus for project and tab selection to save screen real estate —and faster movement between tabs(49 tabs in Cargo-Bot!)

@Simeon there is alot more editor stuff I plan to do for myself but that others might like in the CODEA product. I now have all the tools I need to do everything but I am a slow coder.

I would still like to check priorities against other things we’d like, and not assume this is the most important

@Ignatz and @Simeon What is planed for 2.2 and what do would everyone like?

Personally I vote for more complete documentation and description of the internals of the new two thread execution model. For example, exactly when are callbacks called in the draw, touch, collide, keyboard cycle. Are draw commands only sent after draw() returns?

well, I think we should move any priority discussion out of this thread