1.5 Language discussion/proposal

Proposal about the own (domestic) language.

Everything in Codea is written in the English language, like the help panel, the Wiki, the LUA 5.0 documentation, Codea instructions and this forum (and more documentation).
Since 1.5, I see some dutch words inside the start screen and on some other places.
Okay, Simeon you ask for it, but it is very confusing and not nice to see. Also, how do you maintain this if there is a change in the text or if the translation is not correct?

Please, please, can you make a selection “Own (domestic) language – English language”, inside the window where you select the dark editor screen.
I want to pay for it!

Okay, maybe for Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian it is an option, but then for all the text.

Vriendelijke groeten, o sorry, Greetings, Dirk.nl

.@hartland the translation has been ongoing for some time now (there is a sticky thread at the top of the forums). The whole thing is viewable, and editable, at http://translate.twolivesleft.com.

I added Dutch because it was requested, if you have any corrections you can easily contribute them on the site above and I will integrate them.

I’ll have to investigate whether such a setting (own language / English) is possible.

Hi Simeon,
Please investigate this, I hope you will implement that setting!!
Thanks for your quick response.