1.5.3 is in the AppStore

Downloading now …

Don’t forget to go and rate it, everyone.

We need to do this for each new version!

Wow sprites are really fast! In fact I think its as fast as mesh! Well very close. At 500 sprites I get 60fps. at 650 I’m getting 59 fps where mesh is still 60 fps. At 1000 sprite is dropping to 45-50ish!

That’s great to hear @Briarfox. I hope sprites are now a much more viable option.

@Simeon, nice touch with adding code folding to air code! I’m loving this update!

@Jordan - It came with CodeMirror which is the code editor he implemented into AirCode.

@Zoyt, oh, well… Anyway, nice job with the update!

@Zoyt it’s actually Ace, but yes, the folding and basic parsing are done by the web framework.

Thanks @Jordan!

@Simeon - Oh… I though I had read CodeMirror somewhere. Whatever. I’m downloading it as we speak.

@Simeon - AirCode looks super cool, but the first thing I noticed is that it’s not native C code. Is there any chance you could open source he code? Also, supported orientation doesn’t work.
Thanks a lot!

@Simeon : The AirCode is a killer feature!! Well done!
One cool addition for feature releases could be code-suggestion and separate tabs for each Class (+draggable reorder), like inside Codea.
But anyways … this blows me away. Very remarkable release this time! … I’m going to rate - right now!

Nevermind, AirCode is native. The display is not. Here’s the main code:

function setup()
function draw()
    text("Open your desktop browser and connect to", WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2 + 50)
    text("", WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2 - 50)

Loving it more and more.

@ignatz : Why do we have to rate every version? Ok - I changed mine by mentioning the new air code feature - but it still was there.

@Dado, Apple allows users to rate each version and they still count towards TLL’s overall total. Since we are a relatively small community, we need to provide as many 5-stars as possible.

Woahhh ! Thank you so much for this update and in particular for the amazing AirCode and Sprite speed up. No doubt that my rpg game will benefit of these improvments.
Count on my 5-stars guys !

Just got the update, and wanted to add my $0.02 to this thread. Well done again. Codea rocks and the AirCode feature looks awesome.
If Apple ever did decide to implement a version of Xcode on the ipad, they’d have a great resource to work from if they copied what you guys have done.

Two quick questions…

  1. Now that Apple have let AirCode through submission is there any chance of the o,d sharing feature via email making a return.

  2. I know Codea is mainly aimed at games, but you have said on many occasions that it’s for prototyping - is there any chance that some kind of native widget UI support will ever be included, then Codea could be used to prototype everything from games, to tools / utilities even business apps.


1 — When I submitted Air Code I was upfront that it was a solution for transferring code edits over local WiFi, and that it wasn’t designed for remote code execution or downloading code from the Internet.

Any sharing feature would have a tougher chance of being approved as it is in violation of policy. I am unsure whether they would be more lenient about it or whether they will change their policy.

2 — I keep revisiting the idea in my head. There’s a hell of a lot to support if you want to do UIKit fully and the level of API access that I would offer in any UI framework is hard to nail down. UIKit doesn’t look too great in its vanilla form, but customising UIKit appearance is usually messy and wordy code that doesn’t lend itself to prototyping. (Also iOS 7 adds complications in this area.)

@Simeon - If we could at least have web view for displaying lots of text data, that’d be amazing.

@Simeon I cant see Codea 1.5.3 update on the french appstore. Weird… Is it because i have beta version 1.5.5 (5) installed?

@Jmv38 - me too, in the Australian store, it was the same with 1.5.2