1.4.6 Beta

Hi Beta People

If you could update to 1.4.6 and let me know if there are any issues with the code editor, it would be much appreciated.

I’ve made significant changes to make it faster to editing large files (such as trying to edit the bottom of a 500-line Cargo-Bot tab). Please let me know if you run into any issues.

We have huge changes planned for version 1.5, but I’d like to get the 1.4.x line as stable and as fast as possible before showing you all.

Apologies, looks like there was a line-offset issue in the first build. Build 2 fixes that.

Silly question … when did you change your name? The emails I’m getting are now from Simeon Saint-Saëns whereas they used to be from Simeon Nasilowski.

Just recently I updated TestFlight to reflect the change. It’s because my wife and I still hadn’t sorted out our names, so we finally decided to do something about it.

When you get a chance, please let me know if there are any issues with the editing or rendering. I’m hoping everything is faster with this update.

A-ha. Of course, I was just trying to check that the TestFlight notifications were genuine - clearly I wasn’t just being a nosy parker.

Anyway, I have some ideas for the Harmony program and that’ll give me plenty of opportunities to test the editing and rendering issues over the next few days.

Still getting occasional oddness in the editor, not necessarily associated with large files.

For example, was editing a new class, hit run, and got a red tab. This class was only two functions long, so I went though it line by line, but couldn’t discover the issue. Finally, I left the editor and came back. This time the problem was obvious. The last “end” had morphed to “endd” and was no longer highlighted. Since then, ive had a couple of instances in which the editor freaked out, splattering on extra letters.

But in between I wrote a dozen or more classes without a problem.

Thanks @Mark. Were you using an external keyboard?

I’ve been having issues with the highlighter as well (some predate the latest update). For example, the highlighting in the sprite(something) seems to accumulate so that it looks that as I type something as though I’ve dragged the ovaloid along and I’m seeing all its preimages.

The couple of times that I’ve used the code indenter then it has messed up the highlighter so that when I edit code in the indented region, the highlighted code doesn’t change meaning that I can’t tell what’s edited and what isn’t. It seems as though the indenter is adding some extra character because exiting and re-entering the editor doesn’t fix it and only cut-and-pasting the region clears it up. (This one is older)

The highlighter doesn’t always keep up with my editing. I noticed this with some numbers: I changed the numbers but the highlighter was showing the old ones.

(Oh, and internal keyboard only)

Thanks for that find, @Andrew. I’ll fix it and resubmit the sprite(something) issue.

The indenting one I’m still looking into.

Uploading 1.4.6 (4). Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

So far so good for me, @Simeon on 1.4.5(6). I wasn’t using an external keyboard with the problems I was seeing before, but I was doing quite a bit of copy / paste both between and within classes.

1.4.5(6)? Do you mean 1.4.6(4) or are you using an older version

Sorry, slip of the digits.

Just noticed that on some classes typing self. is not brining up a list of terms, even when there are several class level variable defined in the init.

.@Mark it will, but you just have to wait for it to catch up. The autocomplete builder runs once every five seconds on the current tab. So you might have been too fast for it.

I think in a future update we’ll make it run every two seconds on iPad 2 and 3 hardware.

Using beta 1.4.6(4) and the on-screen keyboard, I am having similar problems with the Editor to those reported by @Andrew_Stacey in his comment above. For example:

Create a new project
Delete the blank line immediately after strokeWidth(5)
Select the line strokeWidth(5), by tapping line number 14
Press the 'indent' key a few times
Note what happens to the line 15 immediately below...
... three or four characters appear to be inserted

@mpilgrem hmm, I can’t seem to reproduce this. Can anyone else?

If it might be relevant, I am using an iPad 2 with IOS 5.1.1. I’ve just tried it again after a full power up and a cold restart of Codea, and can reproduce the problem.

Do you have the triple-click-home button to activate VoiceOver enabled in your Accessibility preferences? Just checking in case it is this old issue.

The below is from the FAQ:

Please go to Settings → General → Accessibility on your iPad and make sure the “Triple-Click Home” option is set to “OFF.” There appears to be a bug with Apple’s UITextView that causes input to be incorrectly reported when this accessibility option is set to “Voice Over” or “Ask.”